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October 23, 2006

OTrain Ridership increases

O-Train ridership is increasing. Like, alot. 12,000 per day is not unusual these days. If ridership continues to expand, we'd exceed the estimated ridership of the Chiarelli Deluxe Streetcar by the time that would roll into service.

Think about it - spend nothing or spend one billion dollars and you amount to the same increase in ridership. "We're planning for the future - the O-Train doesn't cut it" some people (Diane Deans?) have said. Planning for the future doesn't mean gutting a system with 20 years+ useful life left. Nor does it mean replacing it with the most expsensive far-flug plan possible.

Planning for the future started in October of 2000 when Mayor Chiarelli stated that the O-Train would be expanded upon (not replaced) for 1-2 million$ per km.

Watch for yourself in the video "The Light Rail Dream":

What happened Bob? Fortunately, Alex Munter is heading in the right direction on this issue.

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