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October 10, 2006

Ottawa voters will decide on LRT

Federal Government Approves O-Train Funding
But Baird says Newly Elected Council Will Have Final Say
Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Ottawa's newly elected City Council will have a chance to give the "green light" to the north-south Light Rail Transit Project.

Treasury Board President John Baird has announced the City of Ottawa will receive 200 million dollars in federal funding for the proposed O-Train.

But Baird says the funding will be subject to the final approval of the new city council that will be elected on November 13th.

Treasury Board Staff spent the Thanksgiving Weekend reviewing the 600 page contract between the City of Ottawa and Siemens-PCL Dufferin.

Baird tells CFRA News "I was initially told the drop dead date was late September, then I was told October 4th, October 5th and then October 15th. But when I read the contract in its entirety, in fact there is no penalties until December 15th."

Federal Officials say the City of Ottawa has until December 15 to sign a contribution agreement with the Federal Government without causing any increase in the cost of the project.

Baird adds that is why the newly elected city council and Ottawa taxpayers should have a voice in the decision on the O-Train.

Mayor Bob Chiarelli and City Staff had suggested the contract had to be approved by October 15th.

Baird does tell CFRA News he has some concerns and questions about the O-Train, but the final decision rests with Ottawa taxpayers and elected officials.

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