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September 14, 2006

Ottawa Gatineau Rail link is much needed - video

How long will the Prince Of Wales railway bridge go unused?

Honestly, I can't believe this situation. We have thousands of people crossing the river each day, with STO buses crowding downtown streets (and travelling empty 50% of the time), bridges in disrepair, pollution and time wasted sitting in traffic.

This is the National Captial Region. We need a train link to connect Ottawa and Gatineau!

See the video at the above link (opens in new window). Also see the diesel vs electric argument. These videos come curtesy of the people behind Tell Me Why.

We have a proven O-Train pilot project that is in jeapardy. If city staff get their way the three trains will be sold off for $7M. It's a waste of our investment and lost revenue for both cities, not to mention the number of cars and buses that could be taken off the road if we had an Inter-City Rail link.

The O-Train should be extended into Gatineau. It's economical and it makes sense. WHAT IS HOLDING THIS BACK? WHY HASN'T THIS BEEN DONE?


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